Customer Success Manager

Berlin, Germany · Operations · en


You could play a number of different roles in a business because you’re organized, process-oriented, and a clear communicator. You’re a great project manager. But you’ve always wanted something a little different, because more than anything else you’re also an advocate. You’re almost compulsively wired to make sure people achieve their goals. This is where you shine: you’re great at formulating goals, measuring progress, and screaming bloody murder when people aren’t getting what they need to succeed.

If that sounds like you, we’ve got a great job. At test IO, we specialize in continuous human software testing for companies that care passionately about their end-user experience. As a customer success manager, you’re the main point of contact between our customers and all of the services we offer. It’s up to you to understand what our customers need and make sure that they’re getting it. The downstream effects of this for our business are renewals and growth in our accounts, but for you the emotional payoff is immediate -- you feel great when you know everyone is on the right path.

We’re looking for people with strengths that complement our team. If you’ve got expertise in software testing/QA/development, or IT consulting and are interested in customer success management, we’re excited to talk to you!




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